"When the power of love is greater than the love of power...

the world is going to be a peaceful place! "



Billy Pagoni


Remembering always that those loved ones with AUTISM Face a world of JUDGEMENT Face a world of INTOLERANCE Face a world of LONLINESS Face a world of ISOLATION Face a world of demands for them to FIT IN
"Just saw this post !!! Wow ... Whitney Hewitt you make my heart sing !!!
Titled , BP themed Birthday Party for Lucy (COLORADO)" Edith Pagoni
"This is beyond incredible!!! My brother, Billy, is hands down.. the most amazing person that I am blessed to have in my life. These drawings and illustrations represent so much voice in his path and I know how much he has influenced and touched so many people. 
Just so in awe of his ability!" 
Christy L. Pagoni 
"I was in a cranky mood this morning until billy and I video messaged and as always he makes me smile from ear to earπŸ˜€!! Thank you B.P. For always taking so much of your time to draw these wonderful pictures of my family! We love and adore you so so much and appreciate all the calls texts and pictures you share with us πŸ˜˜ you sure are an amazing artist. #love"
"Terry Phalen ...this is the nicest gift I have ever gotten in my entire life!!!!!!!! I am so touched by your generosity to have Billy's drawings put on a wonderful quilt!!!! With all of my heart I cannot thank you enough love BP and Edie !!!"